Casting the Circle

Magical Circle has a purpose to protect what is inside it from outside magical and/or spiritual influence. Also, it does/can amplify magical power inside the Circle for better work results. It also can serve for both of these purposes. It much depends of a caster and intention. It’s clear that Circle cannot be good at both at the same time. That is why we chose a type of a circle depending on intended work.


Direction of the Circle

Circle is also polarized by the direction where it is opened. We can open North, East, South and West circle. Each direction has it’s own meaning and it’s own purpose. By default, North is the side that is most appropriate for almost any kind of work. It is safest side. North represents Earth. If you do invocations of deities or any kind of work in general, North is the side of choice. Open the circle to the East when you calling the wind, change, work on regressions and astral projections. South, beware of the Fire. It’s not for beginners. Usually open for banishing demons or any kind of negative presence. Fire is aggressive. You can use it to aggressively augment power of spells. Beware, it can backfire easily. Fire is a good servant but very bad master. Don’t get some demon free of charge, if you do not know what and why you are doing South. Open the circle to the West when you need cleansing, ending of something. Water carries it away.


Opening the Circle

To open the Circle, you can use number of magical tools. Most commonly used is Athame, however, wand, sword, broom or even a finger can be used to cast the Circle. Face the desired direction, extend your tool and imagine energy from yourself manifest through your arm and tool in a beam of light. This light will draw on the ground irradiating it’s light/energy to the above. Walk/turn clockwise calling Watchtowers and guardians until you finish your circle. Here is how I do it, facing North in this example.

Watchtowers of the North, guardians of the Earth, join us and protect this Circle.
(Casting energy on the ground through my Athame, I turn to the East)
Watchtowers of the East, guardians of the Air, join us and protect this Circle.
(Casting energy on the ground through my Athame, I turn to the South)
Watchtowers of the South, guardians of the Fire, join us and protect this Circle.
(Casting energy on the ground through my Athame, I turn to the West)
Watchtowers of the West, guardians of the Water, join us and protect this Circle.
(I continue drawing it to the starting point to connect the Circle)
The Circle is now cast.
(I kiss Athame and leave it on the altar)


Closing the Circle

Closing the circle is backwards. You must imagine reverse energy flow from the circle to the Athame into you. It is important to ground yourself after you close it. To close cast circle above, I start from the North, counter clockwise, sucking energy through my Athame into me, stopping at West saying: “Watchtowers of the West, guardians of the water, thank you for your protection.”, and continuing clockwise thanking to watchtowers and guardians until circle is no more. Then I say “Circle is no more“.


Breaking the circle

The Circle can be broken in case of some urgency. Not recommended, though. To open a passage, circle caster “cuts” small door for someone to pass in or out. Hole needs to be closed, so caster ties it up in a knot so magical barrier is whole again. Bear in mind that circle protection power has significantly dropped. Under no circumstances break the circle if you have been calling spirits or other deities, or opened circle from the South. It’s just a big “NOPE”.