Full moon and covens

As you all know, we have a Cerridwen’s Veil coven, however, High Priestess Tala has moved to a town 250 Km from here. That makes things rather difficult. Not that coven is going to be closed, far from it. We are still not just connected over internet, but connected energetically as before. It just makes joint work rare and difficult.
It also makes us kinda lazy.
Lazy witches, yes. More often than not some of the esbats and sabbaths are missed, rituals are done sometimes in a haste and sync over net is scarse.
Tonight’s full moon ritual and Drawing down the moon was no different. We haven’t even go to the attic where altar is, but instead, we have just placed candles on living room’s table and did it. I do not think we pleased the gods and the goddess this way, but it was better than not.

When my wife was initiated, Druantia chose her and took her under her’s wing. Druantia is also my goddess, so I guess, we should be creating new coven honoring Druantia and her ways. This doesn’t mean Cerridwen’s Veil will be dissolved, but work will be done mostly remote, except cases when we physically meet.
IDK, await news soon.

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