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Goodbye of Morrigan

Lately, asked or unasked for, several poems or prayers or stories have appeared in my mind. The result is rather stunning for me, since channeled text usually doesn’t need much editing, if at all.

Last night, after going to bed and being half asleep, I woke up and grabbed my notebook and wrote down the following words.

Interesting to me was that lately I’ve had some rather vivid dreams and nightmares. Some have left me untouched, and some were rather scary and were rather questions, that I need answers to.

It’s Yule season, end of cold, night, darkness, new hopes for new bright days. Fitting, don’t you think? 🙂

Silent the night as I walk by ,
hovering over deep dreamless night,
pacing from shadows just to call by
another dream before the light.

Breathing souls waking in fear,
covering faces and dripping with tears.
Just one more night I will remain
the deepest dark in mortals veins.

As came, silently, mares will pass
a new bond with sun shall now last.
Prophecy dreams that I brought by
weak will fear, forget and deny.

Another season to wait in patience,
to swallow the light so vivid and dense.
I shall then, when thy not await
embrace your soul and be thy mate.

Thus even human it is to fight
a soul is never just dark or light.
The fear is warning in nick of time
to dash, to hide, to bend the line.

Every heart from its depth
spreads the sorrow and foul scent
of fear and past, but truly that heart
wishes to mend and wishes to shine.

Tonight the last time I kissed thee
till some other winter in peace.
Stay, yet never forget the gift,
Morrigan’s blessing to foresee.

December’s New moon @home

It was a cold and misty night. Moon was nowhere in sight. Since my counterpart, High Priestess Tala had things to do, we agreed that everyone will do own part at own time, instead of our coven grounds – her “Attic of the awoken”.

My beloved creature, and apprentice at the same time, arrived late so I had to prepare altar in a rush to catch the night before it ends at midnight. Felt like Cinderella a bit except there was no pumpkin coach to take me somewhere.
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