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Dark moon ritual with Hecate – Noumenia

Noumenia is held a day after the new moon usually, as the first sickle of the moon shows. This is a separate celebration from the new moon celebration and Deipnon held in honor of Hecate. This is a smaller scale celebration, than the ones held in public in the ancient Greece, where all the Gods…

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Lammas – Tala

We’ve (my family) had a short but sweet celebration. I’ve set up the altar way simpler than usually, due to us not being at home. Some grains, a loaf of flatbread, bees wax candle, incense, beer (wine is also a possibility), and some usual magical tools. Since I like writing my own rituals, I’ve decided…

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11 April – Guided visualization – Tala

We’ve met with the intention to do a guided meditation with the clear goal to find out more about ourselves. I’ve started the narration like last time, yet every time symbols used and the way the intro is made depends on the people in the group. Leading the meditation makes one slightly less focused sometimes…

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Snow Moon, 22nd – Tala

The atmosphere between the five people that gathered was very good this night. After we opened the circle, we took a while to reflect on what we want to achieve and to calm down. Then took a while to concentrate and get to the village, where we meet. That village is on another plane. It’s…

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Goodbye of Morrigan

Lately, asked or unasked for, several poems or prayers or stories have appeared in my mind. The result is rather stunning for me, since channeled text usually doesn’t need much editing, if at all. Last night, after going to bed and being half asleep, I woke up and grabbed my notebook and wrote down the…

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