This ritual was made by our coven and is an original.

Pick a candle made of real wax or any of harvest colors (orange, yellow, honey colored), set up altar with grains, raisins, grapes, peaches, apples, nuts, wine or beer… if you’re crafting, you can add some of your creations, as an offering to Lugh (that will be part of your future altar), or you can add them to consecrate them and increase their magical powers.
There are many ways to honor Lugh, I am choosing the one that will worship him as god of crafts and talents as well as a harvest god.

Preferably this ritual should be done near a corn or wheat field, this is how my nation has been celebrating it for centuries, often on the area where the harvested wheat has been brought and tied. Rich offers were brought by villagers.

Light a candle and meditate a bit over your achievements but also about the ways you’d like to increase and develop your talents. Think of how the past year was for you, since the last harvest, and thank Lugh for his gift of plenty.

Mighty Lugh, patron of the arts and master of trades,
patron of harvest, you, who are skilled and giving,
we honor you tonight, for your gifts of grains and nuts,
for your gift of talent that we receive in all humbleness,
while following your steps to be better and achieve more.

You lead my hand as I write, as I smith, as I paint or carve,
you lead my mind as I create and envision and as I choose my ways.
For your light and words are always with me, living through me,
and as I age, my skills age and ripen as wine, that you give us too.

Thank you for the rich harvest, of our fields and of our talents.
Be with us in the future times, so might we get better… get more skillful.
I offer you my work and I offer you this wine/beer and this bread,
so mote we meet again, in times of plenty and art!

Raise your arms up in the air and invoke Lugh:

Lugh, come down on and into us and enter our bodies, might you leave a spark of your power to enrich and develop our skills further.

Feel the presence of the god and take your time to feel what has been ignited in you, to grow with you.

Take your time to set your goals and if you’ve placed any crafted items on the altar, you may consecrate them now, to attract for you powers of Lugh, in your future works.

Take the bread and cut the pentacle on the downside into it, then let anyone grab a piece to eat, and everyone takes a sip of wine or beer, also of any fruit, if you placed them.
Close the circle afterwards.