Imbolc is a precursor to the end of winter when the ewes are nursing their newly born lambs. Spring and the planting season are right around the corner.

In many areas of the Celtic world, this was the fire feast of Brighid, the Irish goddess of hearth and home. She is the keeper of the flame, the protector of the home, and a goddess of holy wells and springs.

Items needed:
– Candle(s). At least one white (this is a minimum requirement). If possible, every participant should have one white candle. Additionally, you can have as many candles as desired, colors unimportant for the ritual, white as universal, or any other with it’s own meaning
– Brighid’s symbol(s) if possible, like Braided bread, Brighid’s cross, Brighid’s crown (flowers, wheat, grape straws, dandelions, crocus, snowbulbs (etc), some red, silver and/or white ribbons or yarn
– Red yarn or ribbon
– Cup of milk

Gather around altar as usual, light central candle and cast a circle.

High priest rites:

Today is Imbolc, the day of midwinter.
The cold has begun to fade away,
and the days grow longer.
This is a time in which the earth is quickening,
like the womb of Brighid,
birthing the fire after the darkness.

High priestess takes a sip of milk and offers a sip to Brighid (if indoors, into a bowl on altar) saying:
May Brighid give her blessings to you

Everybody light candles (if applicable)

High priestess rites:

Bride of the earth,
sister of the faeries,
daughter of the Tuatha de Danaan,
keeper of the eternal flame.
In autumn, the nights began to lengthen,
and the days grew shorter,
as the earth went to sleep.
Now, Brighid stokes her fire,
burning flames in the hearth,
bringing light back to us once more.
Winter is brief, but life is forever.
Brighid makes it so.

Take a few minutes to meditate and reflect on Brighid, feel and accept her blessings, light and warmth. As Brighid is a goddess of abundance and fertility, she could help you guiding you to your goals.