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Snow Moon, 22nd – Tala

The atmosphere between the five people that gathered was very good this night.

After we opened the circle, we took a while to reflect on what we want to achieve and to calm down. Then took a while to concentrate and get to the village, where we meet.

That village is on another plane. It’s safer and nicer to do rituals in a place, where you set the rules. For that reason, village is perfectly safe and distractions from around don’t get to us. It’s like having a circle within a circle, except that this “circle” is expandable and using methods similar to astral projection or trance induction, we can travel where ever and do whatever we have to do.
Like this, setting and solving the goals is easier. Regular methods require that one makes an attractive image, because images are stronger than words or wishes. Yet, stronger than images are fully lived moments, where we are already in our desired situations, places, goals.
Usually the walk to the village requires some leading, yet meanwhile everyone just has their own way to arrive there.

Since the group has grown together even the newer members are able to fully follow a person that is describing where he/she is and to see the places they see, even to smallest details.

We started the full moon rite and after that drawing down the moon, in our original circle. Since I was leading the rite, I felt all the energy shifting way stronger than usually. I was also on a medical fast for a couple of days, which made my body very harmonic and resonating with even the smallest tingles.

The moment the Goddess Moon stepped down among us was enthralling. Having our arms up, every single one of us could feel the energy rise, even light that built up around us, and the fingers started vibrating and tingling. And in the next moment it took over all of us.
Using the strength of a clean body, I turned into an amplifier. The light was pouring into me and I had too much of it, so I left a pillar of light over each person in the room. I could clearly see and feel each one of them, as their stories happened, and all their interactions with the Goddess, as if I was watching 4 screens at the same time.

In the next few moments, as Voxin was describing his adventure and asked me to lead him to the water, I was simoultanously writing a chant that just came into my mind.
And right after that I was sitting still, following still what everyone is experiencing and at the same time I was there in me, and all over my skin was a layer of light 4-6cm, it formed sort of a hull around me.
Under that hull, I felt VERY relaxed and almost like floating. I felt like my facial bones are being moved and molded, and that went on so long that I thought, if I look in a mirror now, I’ll see a different face, and not my own.
That was first time that I felt something that clear and it was very intriguing.

Next thing, the shell of light, that was the Goddess in and around all of us, moved the attention to each person in the room. She started plucking dark spots off everyone, without sorry or without being careful. She just pulled out and picked all that she didn’t like.
I’ve let her do that, since I was able to see those spots in everyone. Some were real physical illness residue, some were emotional boulders on the shoulders of people. Voxin even told me a couple of times that I can let him go and that he’s ok. And at some point he didn’t feel right when she went for his dark spots, but has decided to not interfere and let her do what she did.

When that was over and everyone was freshly plucked and happily clean, she, or rather her arms of light, returned to my body and I felt intoxicated by that relaxing warm light for quite a while, even days after.
After all was done, I was able to feel where every person in the house is, even in other apartments, which was very strange and interesting at the same time.

For me, it was a great gift, to be able to share the light with everyone in the room (specially since during Drawing down the Moon the women feel way more and our male members don’t get to feel all of it). And as always I crave for any line on that paper, when the channeling begins and fully formed poems or chants take over my mind. It’s a totally different level of trust and calmness.

The group said goodbye way closer than we were just a few hours earlier.

Snow moon, 22nd

Yesterday’s full moon ritual was a strange one, for me at least. Five of us gathered at Tala’s attic and after standard circle opening and some initial relaxing meditation we began. I forgot my reading glasses at home, but I think Full moon is to be led by women, so Tala took over. Women usually have more intense manifestations in Goddesses invocations.

During the rites, my usual thing is to see Goddess appear in front of me, bathing me in the light. This time, however, she circled around me like ghost, in all of her light and beauty, gently smiling at me. After a few circles she entered me and I felt chill and got goosebumps all over my skin. Light irradiated from her, in me, all over the attic. In that time, Tala was finishing Drawing down the Moon part, and I saw moon diving into the water on the horizon. I felt like I need to go to the water.

When we finished, I asked Tala to bring me down to the water. Not usual element meditation where one of the element shapes pops-up, but directly, to the water. She led me to the lake over the forest paths uphill outside our ‘village’. When I came to the lake, I walked slowly in and dived deep down. I saw bluish glow and approached. There was a stone table with two pillars and a drawer below it. There was a mirror on the table that irradiated light. I opened a drawer and found a stone egg. Egg was too heavy and I could not swim up with it. Behind, I saw a wraith. My last water meditation didn’t go quite nice being surrounded by wraiths, so I was weary, but this one was at distance. Just as she was there to make sure I do what was to be done. I looked at the egg, saw carved lines, but only in the mirror I could read them. It was written “Marcus”. Actually, kind a Roman way: “MARCVS”.

Egg crumbled to the pebbles and I started swimming up the surface. Went out, but could not find the path down for some moments. I looked around and found a small strawberry. As I approached to pick it up, I saw path and started going down, but as everything was wet, I slipped, fell to my back and had a bumpy slide down the hill. I ended up back in the village and from there, I came back.

Still need to reflect on what I saw and discover the meaning. I am sure it will come in time.

Sand of Alexandria

Son of Jupiter, kicked out of Bacchus’ inn,
Journey to the Orion and back,
To the hands of Hator, daughter of Ra,
Fury of the Pantheon

Blood and pain, love and gain,
Like pair of stars entangled in the dance of death,
Sword and chain, mortals slain,
Lustful dance to the arms of Seth.

Terrifying was revenge of Mars,
Lightning strikes to the people and land,
They feared not journey to the stars,
Sword, snake and Alexandrian blood-soaked sand.