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Full moon and covens

As you all know, we have a Cerridwen’s Veil coven, however, High Priestess Tala has moved to a town 250 Km from here. That makes things rather difficult. Not that coven is going to be closed, far from it. We are still not just connected over internet, but connected energetically as before. It just makes…

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So sorry for inactivity here. There is a lot going on and this somehow got neglected. Anyway, there is a Petition to Hecate added in Spells section, check it out. Best to be performed while waxing moon…

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Full moon – 8th August 2017

After some break due to RL thingies, we were back to Tala’s attic. This one was short. Tala did some different rite which is quite nice, by the way. There were only three of us, so went pretty fast. After the rites, Goddess apeared to me in usual fashion. Touching my hands with the light,…

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