New Moon’s wish Chant

This spell is to be done on a New Moon. It aims to attract your wish, since this is maiden phase of the moon, the wish you desire is to be off “attract” kind, not “repluse” kind, meaning, you need to wish what you want get/become, and not what you want to go away. Make your wish simple, preferrable one or two words. Example: “true love”, “prosperity” etc.


  • small piece of paper to write wish on
  • something small to burn paper in and keep ashes
  • white candle (any other color may do, depending on a wish, if you know what you are doing)

Face the moon (if you can see it at all or know where is it roughly) and chant:

Mother and father do listen to me
may new moon give all that I need.
May with the unluck all my paths part
may thrive and shine all that I start.

Protect me and bring me abundance and wiseness
to prosper and bloom ’till the full moon rises.
Teach me your ways.
To thee may I croon and again be reborn on the next new moon.
Find me by candle I lit for thee
what I have asked so mote it be.

Burn the paper with your wish on it and scatter the ashes outside. You may visualize how ashes of your message are carried away to the goddess.

© copyright Cerridwen’s Veil
Proprietary spell made and used since 2015