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6th May 2016 – Meditation by element – Voxin

I have decided to do element meditation after we did some weird energy transfers and a new moon ritual which I have no intention to write at this time. Quite some time passed since I was doing it so I decided to go for it. I will not discuss village setup, as I did it so many times.

Tala laid cards in front and what popped up was a yellow square – earth element. She created a portal and I passed through.


I found myself in something that looked like Tuscany, in the middle of the huge wheat field. Wheat was new, green and heavy. I saw a villa upside small hill in the distance. I went there, on the way passing through a vineyard where people dressed in medieval clothes were working. Villa had red high walls with small square window openings. Gate was from the right side, so I went around.
When I came around, there was no gate. Villa was actually a partially ruined watchtower, large and round in shape. Gate was missing. It had no roof. Just one upper floor, at the opposite side to which led stone stairs that was attached to the left side of a wall.
Inside was empty. Grass took over the ground. At the opposite side, below that wooden upper floor, was a table with a goblet. I decided to go upstairs. I saw a chest, table which contained one lit candle that spread yellowish light on the wall, and at the other side, a large gray tree that grew from the level below through the floor. There was a fox. Staring at me. I stared back. Fox was there for a few moments and then slipped somewhere out of my sight. I have seen nothing more of interest and I descended and approached a table with goblet. Goblet was of gold, with a few gemstones. It contained wine. It smelled like wine, but I decided not to drink it. I just left it back on the table and head to the exit.

When I was halfway, I saw the fox above on the left near exit. Then I shape shifted to a Lynx just standing down at the exit. My vision turned to infra-red kind – all shades of green. I jumped towards the fox and stared growling on it. Fox was frightened, made a slight curve with body and lowered a bit but it stood it’s ground. I came back to myself seeing lynx threatening the fox, growling on it, then I went back to Lynx and back to myself few more times in some seconds. Lynx wasn’t trying to hurt the fox. Then I decided that it doesn’t interest me anymore and I found myself back in wheat field, long way from that tower. Portal was near so I passed through to find myself back to the village.