Litha chant

This ritual was made by our coven and is an original.

Alban Heruin

The wheel of the year has turned once more
The most light filled day is today
Ever-warming sun is at its strengths peak
The power of horned god, never brighter
Today is Alban Heruin, Litha night,
the day of the longest light.

Turn East:
East of the world, you bring us winds,
you bring us all life and change and growth,
you bring us the seeds, new roots and sprouts
you make our lives grow in the late spring heat
and our bodies dance, carried by the beat.

You make us change

Turn South:
South of the world you bring us fire,
you bring us all passion and love and birth,
you bring the evolving and learning through torment
you make our souls expand and grow strong
you keep us smiling, you keep summer long

You make us bloom

Turn West:
West of the world you bring us the rains,
you bring us the water that creates life,
you bring us the wisdom, experience and freedom,
you make our tears blend in with the storms,
outside exposed yet inside safe and warm

You make our leaves spread

Turn North:
North of the world you bring us home,
you bring us the cradles and looms and the trees,
you bring us the silence and enlightenment through calm,
you make us cherish the soil that’s our womb,
you make our paths well walked and known

You make our roots strong!

Turn to the altar:

Spirit of the world you hold the light that I see
you lead my moves, my words and all that I feel
I read thy old thoughts from the parchment yet unseen
Yet all is there, written within me!

If any offerings are prepared, cast them into the fire
Bring your arms above the head and recite together:

Spirit of the world, please catch my Litha’s dreams
Celebrate with me the love of the gods
Fill my soul with light in the warm summer night
let me be the beacon, for the rest of the time.
So mote it be

(Tala – this is my most favorite chant, lot of good thoughts and energies have been woven into it) 🙂