Preparing the space

This is a text that I do not even remember where I found it. I find it awesome piece of the craft and I really think it should be done always, even though I do not practice it every time due to lazyness. However, if doing serious work that may have negative consequences or possibility of negative influences, I really recommend this done properly.

What thou woulds perform thy magickal Arte,
thou woulds maketh a contact with other realms.

So this interferes not with everyday life,
perform a small rite to open thy Arte,
and another to close when thou hast done.

To open, put thy hands together,
then open thine arms wide,
as if opening a curtain, saying:
‘This space is open and prepared’

(my addition here:)
—-> open a circle here

Do your magical work

—-> close a circle here

To close open thine arms wide,
bring them together,
as if closing a curtain, and say:
‘The Arte is done, this space is closed’

In this way,
the light will shine through,
on thine Arte when tis needed,
but willest not interfere,
when thou goest about in the Day.