Curse lifting


  • Consecrated mirror
  • Black salt
  • Doll/Potato (any representation of a hex caster)
  • Black candle (white if cannot find black)

The first, and simplest, is to use a single mirror. First, consecrate the mirror like you would any other of your magical tools. Place the mirror, standing up, in a bowl of black salt, which is used in many hoodoo traditions to provide protection and repel negativity.

In the bowl, facing the mirror, place something that represents your target.
If you know the person(s) the person who is cursing you. This can be a photo, a business card, a small doll, an item that they own, or even their name written on a piece of paper.
If you do not know, visualize faceless genderless persons, may be as an aura, or etheric bodies.
Mentally bind that persons to the doll/potato/whatever_chosen. Visualize binding.
This will reflect that individual’s negative energy back to them.

Light a candle.

By the Doll, salt and this verse,
I turn around this wicked curse.
As these words of mine are spoken,
Let this curse be broken,
Sacred mirror will reflect it back,
Candle flame evil doings will crack,
This curse will no more affect me,
I have spoken so mote it be.

Once you’ve done so, place a magical link to the person inside the box, and then seal the box. You may use black salt if you wish to add a little more magical oomph. Bury or burn the box.

© Cerridwen’s veil