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So sorry for inactivity here. There is a lot going on and this somehow got neglected.
Anyway, there is a Petition to Hecate added in Spells section, check it out.
Best to be performed while waxing moon.

Full moon – 8th August 2017

After some break due to RL thingies, we were back to Tala’s attic.
This one was short. Tala did some different rite which is quite nice, by the way. There were only three of us, so went pretty fast.

After the rites, Goddess apeared to me in usual fashion. Touching my hands with the light, staring at my face. I allowed her to enter me and she did. Danced as the candle flames moved. I felt filled by light, but it was kinda exhausting. She exited my body, made circle around and said through smile: “We are all one. Anakh rah nun. We are all one, anakh rah nun. Anakh rah nun.”

I lay down to rest as I felt tired, but it was great.

Lammas – Tala

We’ve (my family) had a short but sweet celebration.

I’ve set up the altar way simpler than usually, due to us not being at home. Some grains, a loaf of flatbread, bees wax candle, incense, beer (wine is also a possibility), and some usual magical tools.

Since I like writing my own rituals, I’ve decided to honor god Lugh as a craftsman and as a god of harvest. To me, those two aspects are most essential for a human to be able to survive: to grow food and to make all the tools they need. And if they can craft something more and with greater skill, that is even better.

First we did meditate about how our lives looked since last year and we were thankful for having enough for life. We also thought about what our talents are and what we did with them.
I will share the ritual with you:
My corn husk god and goddess are ready to be added to my Lughnasadh altar. I'll do a little blessing first. 🌾 My helper Merlin was on hand to oversee the creative process😻 🌽 I have a few corn husks still soaking, so will sa

You can find the whole ritual here:


The thing that always makes me think a lot are the moments that follow the invocation of this kind, same like days after. I can clearly feel the traces of fresh energy (or entity) and how they grow stronger in me and take shape.

This is what I cherish the most and what true magic is for me.


19th July 2016 – Full moon, by Voxin

Last night we gathered in the ‘attic of awoken’ to perform ritual for the full moon and do some clensing of Tala’s daughter, remotely. As usual, we performed all of this in ‘the village’ (refer to previous posts). While we were bathing Tala’s daughter in a creek, her mother saw a green wound on her shoulder. I saw a leech and suddenly shapeshifted to a fox (again) and ate that leech.

Not caring at that moment for the people around, Tala or her daughter, fox, well me, but as a fox, snooped and sniffed around the village. It’s very strange feeling when I am in fox’s body. I am small, grass is tall, smells are beautiful and enhanced. I can smell all grass, flowers and trees, moist, rocks and all that surrounds me. I also see differently. More like infra-red green shade layers. My body feels well and strong, slick and agile. Fox found a tunnel below the tree I used to pass in elemental meditations, ended up in another plain, near the waterfall where I first shifted into a fox.

Afeter some snooping around, I returned to path, shifted back to my human shape created portal to return me back to the village and passed through. Guys were already finished so I went back to this world.

Tala performed full moon ritual, and later, Drawing down the moon. This is were we speak to goddess and goddess to us. So far she was only channeling through Tala, as usually women draw her attention and graces easier.

This was the first time she spoke to me at the very end of vision, where she was holding a door knob of an egyptian temple, to not a door, but a wall. I clearly saw pillars and a wall between them. I knew that this was a door, to her perhaps, but to me it looked like a solid wall. She spoke to me something Tala took note as I was saying “Akhmon ra aniet ra, tukush, kaniet ra“. This morning she found a translation. It was arabic and should be written like “Akhamon Ra aniet rah, toukush kaniet rah” which translates to “Brother of Ra he claimed, had claimed the rituals“.
I still do not know what it means and why I was told this. I just know goddess and other deities speaks to us in languages that we spoke before.
Awesome experience.

6th May 2016 – Meditation by element – Voxin

I have decided to do element meditation after we did some weird energy transfers and a new moon ritual which I have no intention to write at this time. Quite some time passed since I was doing it so I decided to go for it. I will not discuss village setup, as I did it so many times.

Tala laid cards in front and what popped up was a yellow square – earth element. She created a portal and I passed through.


I found myself in something that looked like Tuscany, in the middle of the huge wheat field. Wheat was new, green and heavy. I saw a villa upside small hill in the distance. I went there, on the way passing through a vineyard where people dressed in medieval clothes were working. Villa had red high walls with small square window openings. Gate was from the right side, so I went around.
When I came around, there was no gate. Villa was actually a partially ruined watchtower, large and round in shape. Gate was missing. It had no roof. Just one upper floor, at the opposite side to which led stone stairs that was attached to the left side of a wall.
Inside was empty. Grass took over the ground. At the opposite side, below that wooden upper floor, was a table with a goblet. I decided to go upstairs. I saw a chest, table which contained one lit candle that spread yellowish light on the wall, and at the other side, a large gray tree that grew from the level below through the floor. There was a fox. Staring at me. I stared back. Fox was there for a few moments and then slipped somewhere out of my sight. I have seen nothing more of interest and I descended and approached a table with goblet. Goblet was of gold, with a few gemstones. It contained wine. It smelled like wine, but I decided not to drink it. I just left it back on the table and head to the exit.

When I was halfway, I saw the fox above on the left near exit. Then I shape shifted to a Lynx just standing down at the exit. My vision turned to infra-red kind – all shades of green. I jumped towards the fox and stared growling on it. Fox was frightened, made a slight curve with body and lowered a bit but it stood it’s ground. I came back to myself seeing lynx threatening the fox, growling on it, then I went back to Lynx and back to myself few more times in some seconds. Lynx wasn’t trying to hurt the fox. Then I decided that it doesn’t interest me anymore and I found myself back in wheat field, long way from that tower. Portal was near so I passed through to find myself back to the village.

Drawing down the moon – 22nd April – Tala

The evening was chill and very relaxing from start.

After helping our fifth member, who was not present last week, to get in touch with his familiar, we did our full moon rituals and of course drawing down the moon.

Sometimes (well often) I just get overwhelmed by all the energy and the goddess presence, and I end up writing/channeling random stuff. This one was rather interesting, since I’ve heard 2 voices, but thinking that one of them was mine.


Goddess: Out of their way you should never go,
for trembling (scared) arms the cure still exists.
As it is not the nightly herbs or bitter pills that help,
but it’s the words you speak that create and extinct.

2nd voice: Over the fire I stand
and watch down on questions of yes or no,
to end or start it over,
in another body and another life.
Too long have I waited
to push the beasts away,
too long they’ve stepped on my lips,
rendering them silent,
too long I’ve been closed in
unable to scream.
A scream I let out, a scream
that shakes the Earth,
and breaks the boulders and bones
of legs that thread.

Goddess: From life thy stand up
and life you become,
to be on all the places
and to be on none,
to love all the souls that are yours
and to lose none.
As mother has spoken so will it be,
as words have created so will she leave(let be).

I don’t know the meaning of the second part, even though I could connect it to my life, but same to lives of many other people I know have suffered a lot.
Unlike on other nights, I felt also a rush of anger while writing. It was not mine, it came from outside. Wild anger over injustice and oppressed anger to that.

The people in the circle were already chatting about what they’ve experienced while I was still writing, and I know it was nobody of them. All in all, a very interesting experience, that I’ll have to study through a little more.

Blessed be!