Witch dream summoning by moth flight


  • * Monday night of a waxing moon, or a full moon at best
    * 3 living moths in a jar
    * insense
    * red or black ink, hand made
    * white paper

In an open circle
Capture 3 moths and place them in a jar with holes for moths to breath. Place jar at the altar.
Light an insense stick, preferably hand made.
Write your question with ink on a paper, concise and clear

“It is not my hand that writes this question, but the hand of the Master:
And the answering dream that comes from the unknown is not summoned by me,
But by the Master of spirits and powers in the Netherworld.
This question shall be answered; moths shall learn it well,
They shall fly into the Unseen world on roads of moonlight,
And whisper my question into the ears of _____ (spirit or power you are questioning) .
And on the wings of dream, a true answer shall come to me.”


Roll and place the paper in a jar with moths

“Moths, learn these words well and carry them to the one who can answer
it, the one I seek, in the Master’s name!”


Chant, 9 times at least

“Adream shall come in response to this question. These creatures shall flit
and flitter and carry these questioning words away.”


When done, open the jar and let the moths go
“Go, in the Master’s name!”