Drawing down the Moon

Drawing down the Moon is one of the most beautiful rites performed on the Full Moon night or nights before.

One invokes the Goddess into herself/himself and the Goddesses’ speech can be either pre-written or can happen at the moment of the possession of the Priestess by the Moon Goddess. The words, if channeled, can be written down and used in the future rituals, as it was the case with the following rite.

To quote the original rite: “Drawing Down the Moon is an altered state of consciousness, a ritual possession by the Divine. It is not uncommon to feel the energy of the Goddess for quite some time following Drawing Down the Moon, so don’t be alarmed if you feel a heightened sense of clarity over the next few days. You may also feel extremely emotional — it’s not uncommon to cry or laugh spontaneously during this rite.”

Ritual possession, when it happens, opens us up for the divine and usually we don’t remember, it feels as if we stepped aside to let the deity take over.
Which ever happens, be thankful. Your skill will grow and as is does so you will get into deeper trance each time.

Stand at the altar with your feet together and your arms crossed on your chest. Look at the moon and repeat:
Great Mother shine down on us.
You who are the beginning of all Life. You who ignite a spark between lovers. You who nurture and let grow everything that lives and all our souls.

We welcome you.
Our bodies, the vessels for your light. Our veins, the paths through which your knowledge flows.
Our souls, the pure canvas for the Creatrix. For Mother Moon.

Move your feet apart to about shoulder width, and raise your arms up and out to welcome the Goddess into you.

You will feel the energy of the Moon assembling or falling onto your hands. Let it slowly reach your body and feel the surge as it takes over. You might remember everything or just some details about the whole process.

The next part is one that you can memorize and learn, or you can speak spontaneously from the heart. You will begin to feel a surge of energy, a palpable tingle – don’t worry, that’s the Goddess making Herself known to you. Feel free to change these words as you like. You are speaking for Her, in Her voice, so let Her say what She wishes. Say:

I am the Great Mother.
I step from between the clouds and I step in front of you. I show you my face like the mother to her loved child.
My fingers running through you, picking up the pieces you lost. Be whole again my child.
I protect you, I release you, I make you sing to me, looking up to the skies.
On your hands I shine my light. On your face I place a touch.
I am your birth, I am your death, I am all the life in between. I destroy worlds and from their ashes I create the beautiful, the wild. You!
I am your freedom and your path. As I rush through your veins we are one. As you feel your body becoming mine, the light of the Moon enchants you, so you shine from within.
My whispers branded into your mind. With the power of the Maiden I purify you. With the power of the Mother I embrace your passion, as two bodies melt. With the power of the Crone I give you wisdom. Feel me, let me in!

Feel the power of the Goddess within you. Let her inspire you and enjoy the state as long as it takes.

When you are ready, conclude with:

Now farewell my dearest child.
I’m gone but I’ll watch over you, night by night.
And you, dance and love and conquer. As the world is yours alone as the night falls.
So mote it be!

It is not uncommon to have a conversation with the Goddess, to channel a rite, message, even a melody during this rite.

If you experience something like that (and you most probably will more than you will not), write it down into your book of shadows and use in the future magical work.

Proceed with the full moon ritual if you haven’t done it before, take some time to meditate or stay in the amazing state, you’ll be in, or close the circle if this is the last rite you’re performing for the night.

Note: Rite created/channeled by Cerridwen’s Veil Coven.
You’re absolutely encouraged to use it! 🙂