Cerridwen’s Veil

Cerridwen’s Veil coven was gathered with the idea that witchcraft should be researched in all of the entirety. We are an eclectic coven, and therefor we’re not tied to any famous tradition in particular. The reason for this is that the founders of this coven come from different traditions. Our methods tend to be more influenced by eastern traditions, which weren’t part of the witchcraft in the early days of wicca.
Our practices include meditations, different visualizations, chakras, reconnection etc. Most of those are considered to be part of medicine systems in the East, but in the West they are just another method. Either way, it works!

One of us comes from south American wiccan coven, which had its roots either in Alexandrian or Gardnerian tradition. This is due to lack of information on the internet, but as wicca started spreading different books were translated and interpreted according to Brazilian culture. These practices follow the rigid Celtic learning which include aspects known to come from free Brazilian spirit. This coven tend to work skyclad and includes Beer and cookies after the rituals, with free interactions for all members.

Alternatively, one of us comes from Germanic wicca, which is mostly leaning toward Celtic traditions but with many additions from the rich Germanic culture. Many mediums, druids and herbalists stem from these traditions in western and central Europe. Covens are kept rather small and are not overly exposing themselves. Skyclad practice is rare and the members prefer seeking close connection to the small group.

Third founder is a nomad witch with great experience, including decades of research, learning, and practicing all she could learn.

We found a middle ground and adapted our past knowledges to the culture we live in, and the set of rules is oriented toward the growth of every member, rather than toward a hierarchy that would grant all rights to priests only. Cerridwen’s veil is a practically oriented coven, and we live witchery in every day life. Our position is that there are no theoretical witches and that witchcraft has to be lived in order to understand all it offers.

What we seek in new members is a good heart above all and a drive to learn. Our point of view is that any gift or talent we might have cannot thrive in a sick body or in a body poisoned by different substances, cigarettes, junk food etc. Only a healthy body and clear mind can bring out the best from our talents and affinities in the avocation of energy. Ethics ranks high in our coven and we strive to give our best in any moment and in all we do.

So far, our tight knit group has achieved higher levels of knowledge in different methods of the Craft, it’s easy to see we’ve improved from where we began. We work together weekly and expand our learning depending on the given situations in the life of every coven member. Together we have witnessed the growth of creativity, better health, big significant changes in our lives and a connection beyond anything we’ve ever had before.

We think that everyone should experience a bit of magic in every day life, and we’re good at it!