December’s New moon @home

It was a cold and misty night. Moon was nowhere in sight. Since my counterpart, High Priestess Tala had things to do, we agreed that everyone will do own part at own time, instead of our coven grounds – her “Attic of the awoken”.

My beloved creature, and apprentice at the same time, arrived late so I had to prepare altar in a rush to catch the night before it ends at midnight. Felt like Cinderella a bit except there was no pumpkin coach to take me somewhere.

I made a wide protection circle. It was sloppy work,don’t know what got into me. It proved to be a big mistake. Note to self: Never, ever, make a circle if not fully concentrated. Anyways, candles were lit and I peformed a rites. She was repeating after me:

Welcome back, Moon!
We’re glad to see you again.
Another cycle has passed
another month gone by
and our lives have moved forward.

We faced east and continued

Today is a new day,
and a new month begins.
As the tides flow, and the moon rises above,
we are thankful that She has returned.
She watches over us, ever constant,
yet always changing,
and we are thankful for her light.

Bring us your wisdom, your guidance,
your protection, in the coming month.
You are behind me at every step,
watching and guiding me,
and I am thankful.

We took a moment to recieve the light. Goddess appeared floating in frontSuccubus of me, as she usually do, bathe me with the bright light that was flowing through. I felt great and reborn. My apprentice had similar expirience, however, for a moment, she saw demonic presence, as she described as ‘girl from “The Ring” climbed out of the well’, but not menacing. I felt it move around. Made my protective bubble to engulf us and continued.

As it is a tradition, I passed on to wish rite. We made our wish on the paper and chanted:

Mother and father do listen to me
may new moon give all that I need.
May with the unluck all my paths part
may thrive and shine all that I start.

Protect me and bring me abundance and wiseness
to prosper and bloom ’till the full moon rises.
Teach me your ways.
To thee may I croon and again be reborn on the next new moon.
Find me by candle I lit for thee
what I have asked so mote it be.

We took a moment to reflect on a wish and send it to the devine, them burnt the papers and prepared ashes to be cast into the wind when we go out. Ritual was finished and we relaxed a bit. Not too much time passed, forgotten demonic presence kicked in. I felt huge energy drop at my beloved. She frowned, got irritated. I felt a void instead of negative energy irradiation. It took me few minutes to realise what was going on. Fetched anoiting oil, passed it on my forhead, then chanted to myself to banish the, maybe not demon, but irritating little succubus for sure. Had to do some explainings and energy transfer to her till she calmed down and felt herself again. We almost broke our relationship.

No matter how experienced one are, lack of concentration for whatever reason can cause problems. That was a good wake up call for me and several lessons were re-learnt:

  1. Never, ever, cast sloppy circle. Take a deep breaths, concentrate, get calm and one with the nature, feel Athame as your extension, then cast it properly feeling all energy that you put on the ground around, making clear requests to the watchtowers and guardians to protect it.
  2. If you feel the disturbance of any kind, clean the area within the circle and banish any forces that made into it. Properly close the circle and thank the guardians before relaxing.

Blessed be.


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