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So sorry for inactivity here. There is a lot going on and this somehow got neglected. Anyway, there is a Petition to Hecate added in Spells section, check it out. Best to be performed while waxing moon…

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Full moon – 8th August 2017

After some break due to RL thingies, we were back to Tala’s attic. This one was short. Tala did some different rite which is quite nice, by the way. There were only three of us, so went pretty fast. After the rites, Goddess apeared to me in usual fashion. Touching my hands with the light,…

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Ostara, 19th March 2016 – by Voxin

Four of us were sitting around the altar, just after we have finished Ostara ritual and gave our thanks to the gods, sun, moon and earth. Tala wanted somewhat deeper meditation with a goal for each of us to try to foresee year ahead. When we were ready in meditative state everyone already on other…

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Snow moon, 22nd

Yesterday’s full moon ritual was a strange one, for me at least. Five of us gathered at Tala’s attic and after standard circle opening and some initial relaxing meditation we began. I forgot my reading glasses at home, but I think Full moon is to be led by women, so Tala took over. Women usually…

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Sand of Alexandria

Son of Jupiter, kicked out of Bacchus’ inn, Journey to the Orion and back, To the hands of Hator, daughter of Ra, Fury of the Pantheon Blood and pain, love and gain, Like pair of stars entangled in the dance of death, Sword and chain, mortals slain, Lustful dance to the arms of Seth. Terrifying…

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Samhein @31st Oct. 2015

I was reading work diaries and decided to publish diary of last year’s Samhein, as nothing worth writing happened since new year. Samhein, Oct 31st 2015 around 21h, moon 65% waning. Belgrade, Kosutnjak forest. Participants: Voxin, Tala, apprentice “JJ” – first time with us. I will pass journal entries ‘as is’, and here they are…

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