Ostara, 19th March 2016 – by Voxin

Four of us were sitting around the altar, just after we have finished Ostara ritual and gave our thanks to the gods, sun, moon and earth.
Tala wanted somewhat deeper meditation with a goal for each of us to try to foresee year ahead. When we were ready in meditative state everyone already on other plane, she created a circle with four glowing stone pillars. One in each of the major directions, then four more, tiny ones between them. We were to choose our path out of multiple surrounding that circle.

This time, I had the most simple and most vivid vision in many months. Like I was watching a full HD movie. In that vision, I saw only one path downwards to the nearby medieval town, surrounded by a stone wall. As I as approaching, I passed over a bridge that was high over a stream where few creepy zombie-like creatures were drowning and in their last strengths were trying to get out. I felt sorry for them. Just before the (open) gate, path led me down to the left to the small round one-room building that was made out of the stone and attached to the town wall. There were a door and a lit torch beside it.

I have entered the room, which was entirely of gold, walls covered with Egyptian hieroglyphs and drawings. There were Seth, Anubis, Osiris, Isis and Apis. I wasn’t afraid at all, in fact, I had a feeling of a happiness, as I have met my brethren. I had a feeling of richness and as that room was mine, given by them. Anubis put his hand on my shoulder. I smiled. Then I tried to go out but Osiris held me there for a moment, for someone else that was passing outside cannot see from where I am exiting. I thanked and went out.

Just before I climbed up that path to the town gate, I met Cerridwen. She was pointing with her finger to my belt, where a flask with a potion, that she gave me months ago in other meditation, was hanging. I took a sip and I grew tall. So tall that I was hundreds feet tall. Town below my feet was small. I saw many other towns glowing in the night. There was a terminator line, dividing day on the right side and night on the right. On day side, I saw many spots in the forest, creeks and clearings bathing in a morning sunlight, butterflies, rabbits, bucks and life in general. It was very beautiful. On the left hand side, I saw clearings and surrounding forests, moonlight, calmness, insects buzzing in the night. Also very calming view. I was very happy.

Potion effect wore off and I came back to my original size. I decided to go back to that circle that Tala created. As I set to wait for others, day dawned slowly and I was enjoying morning colours. I was looking around and behind my back, I saw a village center, that village where we usually do our thingies. I passed there and there was Druantia in her green dress, hugged me and tapped on the shoulder. I understood that as “well done”. She didn’t speak, she smiled and left. I went to my hut, took a bath. Above fireplace I saw Thurisaz rune, that changed slowly into Mannaz rune. Then I slowly went back to the village center and passed through portal that led me back to the circle. Then others arrived and we gone back to the room out of meditation.

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