Samhein @31st Oct. 2015

I was reading work diaries and decided to publish diary of last year’s Samhein, as nothing worth writing happened since new year.

Samhein, Oct 31st 2015 around 21h, moon 65% waning. Belgrade, Kosutnjak forest.
Participants: Voxin, Tala, apprentice “JJ” – first time with us. I will pass journal entries ‘as is’, and here they are.

Voxin’s entry:
Feeling strong energy. I made strong circle so nothing can pass in or out except energy of eleme2015-10-31 21.45.54nts though the ground. I grounded myself pretty good by sitting and leaning on my both hands on the ground. Palms were buried in fallen leaves and dirt. Energy flow was fantastic. I saw my father outside the circle. He was my age. Had his brown coat hanging on his finger on the shoulder, falling back. Beside him, there was a viking. He had long and dirty blond hair, he had horned helmet and short beard and was in full war gear, all with shield and axe. Had green squared kilt. I knew he was one of my ancestors.
There was also some kind of demon there, but lesser one – weak. More like a jester then real menace. Behind me was an old lady dressed in black. I could not see her face. She wasn’t radiating negativity of any kind.
When we finished work, I felt a need to thank to each one which I did. It was awesome experience. Tala’s and JJ’s energies were boosting pretty good. I felt very very good.

Tala’s entry:
Circle was cast and I left candle at each world direction. JJ left a flower beside each candle. Gratitude to God and Goddess, some old thoughts of gratitude have returned and I felt it intensely. Cleansing and Chackras – Cleansing was on few planes at the same time. JJ was shining 😀 It was interesting to feel how I became conscious of each one of the elements. Earth, footsteps in the distance as one walks by, I let him pass. Gusting wind has blown pretty strong and I waited for it to come, get stronger and leave. Fire in that moment has become stronger. I felt my palms burning. I thought if I turn them toward up that light would shine out. I saw the ones who were more distant from the edge of the circle. I realized my mother was here but she was standing aside. Water wasn’t cold. Warm drizzle that carries all.
I saw them around, some who didn’t want to be too intrusive were standing behind, quiet. Others were in front, mostly to the west and north. That one evil spirit was there, but not willing to provoke or try anything. Grandpa came and set at north side on a fallen tree log. Happy and shining, but with some tiny ray of sadness in his eyes. Around him I saw many small children, lost, some only 2-3 years old. Like he was dragging them with him. Asked me how I am, told me that he is happy that I’m free, that he didn’t like my ex. Told me that he is glad I am finally healthy. Children were standing in between, looking at me. I told them to go with him. That fell really tough on me.
We offered bread and wine to all sides. Gratitude from them also. There were old warriors from this land, torn shoes and old wool hats. Some with colorful bags, stained. Two old ladies to the southwest, one in black was moving to the west, other was mostly standing in one place, but was smiling, like she wasn’t sure that she is not alive. I had urge to say something, but I do not remember if I did or just whispered. I called Hecate to lead them where they belong and to offer them peace. Great feeling of happiness and fullness after this. Smell of forest, energy that we gained through meditation. Wonderful feeling.


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