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11th April 2016, group meditation – by Voxin

When we were ready in meditative state, just as the last time, in Ostara post , Tala created circle with pillars and we were to find a path where would we go. At North side, I’ve seen the same town I was before and I have decided not to go there this time. I saw two more paths. One led to a forest, common forest. Other one to the similar forest, but trees were glowing like a deep water luminescent jelly fish. I took that one and soon arrived to a small round lake.the_secret_lake_by_chris_karbach-d6bt52c_640

Lake was dark, but glowing beautiful likeit was made of a million stars and crystals. Those dots were emitting and reflecting light and the trees around it were glowing too in its dim bluish light reflections. Cracking in nearby tree branches revealed Artemis, smiling back at me and disappearing in the dark. Further along, Hecate was there, in her Mother appearance with her black dog and her wooden staff with silver crescent moon at the top, facing upwards. Then, on the opposite side of me, there were a blonde maiden, in her seventeens, dressed in white. She was calling to me silently and I slowly came around, passing beside Hecate who let me pass with no effort.

When I arrived near blonde maiden, she caressed my hair and I set down. She turned into a golden glowing nymph and were putting me to sleep by caressing my hair. I have been told that I really stated snoring. Next I remember, Hecate was above me, waking me and taking my hand and leading me away. Nymph was smiling and slowly disappeared in the dark. I thanked Hecate and was slowly walked back. Halfway there I met my beloved and we came back to the circle together. Then I slowly came out of meditation and back to the attic.